Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tom Arnold Gets the Start for the Cubs, Reds 9-2

The Reds put together a bunch better set of innings today, taking the final game of the three from the garbage eating bears. They've been hanging around for a while and the author believes that they are becoming a potential hazard and need to be put down.

Hidden under Cueto's early season is what Volquez has been able to put together in his first three starts. He gave up 1 run (on the bases loaded walk to the very dangerous Ted Lilly, you don't want to take any chances) over 5 and his ERA increased to 1.17. And look at the offense, pouring it on when the game was already out of reach. They are likely exhausted from all that bat swinging, so don't be surprised if they take 'er easy against old Ben Sheets tomorrow back at home. Two days in a row just ain't gonna work.

Votto has been on a tear. I watched the replay of his home run 4 times on the MLB internet site just to hear Len Kasper's heart break. Well, at least he probably got to hang out with Tom Arnold after the game. Maybe Chris Rose would be there too. I think those two, Kasper and Rose, would have a lot to talk about. I'd ask them about the post game donnybrook between Ted Lilly and Pinella in the locker room. For having the last name of a delicate flower, Lilly sure likes to scrap. Nice win today assholes, let's remember this feeling. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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MacInerny said...

Gagne is simply overpowering. Whoever was smart enough to draft him on his fantasy team must really know baseball.