Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hey Friend, Get Your Edinson Volquez Commemorative Athletic Supporter Here, Reds 8-2

Despite being placed behind Josh Fogg in the rotation rankings, Edinson Volquez pitched a very nice ball game today in shutting down the Phills. He was ready, he'd been drinking green tea all week. Now, if he could just get addicted to something so that the media will tune in, the Reds would have something. How about Nasonex? Junior went deep for the first time this year and Jeff Keppinger continued the high quality play that we've come to associate with Jeff Keppinger. That's all the offense you need.

Fogg was less effective Friday, but that's expected. He was worried about whether his neighbors were going to remember to feed his cats, Pickles and Mitt-mitt. He'd been unable to get ahold of anyone since Wednesday. But he's switched to a new medicated shampoo, his scalp has never felt cleaner, and big things are still expected from the number four starter. The author is already looking forward to his next turn on the hill.

And yesterday, though losing wins late gives Harang the bloodlust, how about Corey Patterson and old Paul Bako? I'm nearly ready to admit that Patterson is not a horrible baseball player. Nearly ready. I'll need a few more walk-stolen base-sac fly runs to start the game. Late inning home runs also help. Congratulations on that first Reds win Coco. Take the series tomorrow team. Reds! Reds! Reds!


Jeff said...

I blame Fogg's loss on the wet rosin bag. That was the X factor in that game. It'd be like shooting pool with the sprinklers on. How Kyle Kendrick was able to pitch with it, I don't know. Probably afraid if he didn't ptich well, the would ship him to Japan for real.

DevilsAdvocate said...

If Fogg has a cat named Mitt-mitt, is his dog named Choo-choo?