Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Reds Drop-Kick Their Jacket As They Came Through the Door, Brewers 3-2

The second start of Pigpen Cueto's career resulted in a no-decision after Big Time Corey Patterson tied the game with a bomb in the 9th. Gagne loves blowing saves almost as much as buying Human Growth Hormone from AIDS patients. Hey-o! Seriously, he likes doing both quite a bit.

Cueto was great again, striking out 8 over 6 and 1/3. Sure he gave up a homer to Bill Hall (after possibly a questionable move leaving him in the game for the 7th - but this site is currently being supportive of management, so we'll defer to his batting gloves) but those 2 hits allowed to Jason Kendall (he picked up another in the 10th off Skyline Weathers) are what will really drive you crazy. Kendall is the guy who bats behind the pitcher in the Brewers' lineup. Looks like head strategist Yost is really on to something.

As the title states, the offense was awful tonight. Griffey picked up three hits but wasn't exactly tearing the cover off the ball, if you know what I mean. If you don't, that's a baseball cliche meaning the balls in play were not particularly sharply hit. The balls are rarely torn from their cover regardless of how well a ball is hit. It's just an expression. I'll have Corey Patterson explain it, he does so much more succienctly. Encarnacion's average is down to .083, looks like it's time to replace another part of his brain. Maybe with some sort of primate this time. Regardless, the Foggster rights the ship tomorrow. Count on it.

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Petey Hendrix said...

Spot on. I feel silly sitting on the Patterson bandwagon, yet here I sit.