Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Reds are Big Weiners, 4-3 in 10

The author was on vacation to attend a, disappointingly non-Reds-themed, wedding, so that is my explanation for providing no comment regarding the Reds' high level of play prior to today's win over the Brewers. So, we'll just ignore the games that led up to today, which may or may not have featured Jeff Suppan dominating the Reds' offense for nearly 7 innings.

The offense was not terrific today, with the exception of the inning where they got to hit against the Ghost of Eric Gagne's glasses and Solomon Torres who is simply too old to record outs. He has arthritis in the knees and a bad case of the gout. Though, saying that you were dominated by Gallardo in his first start of the season isn't quite as embarrassing as say, Suppan or Paul Maholm.

Eddie kept things interesting with a error in the top of the 10th on a play that a primate in the bottom tier, intelligence-wise, fields cleanly but made up for it with his second bomb of the day off the aforementioned Gagne. Then the man named Gabor showed some of that power that we all expected to see when Dusty invited him to the party. That gives him two in the past three seasons. And Corey Patterson kept up the good work at the top of the order, that's 1 for his last 25 for those of you keeping track. I'm not one of them, I know things will pick up for the guy.

Sad news about Weathers hitting the DL. According to the Reds official site, he has a burning sensation which can't be cured by a penicillin injection by the training staff. But with the injury we get to see the versatility of Josh Fogg. He's moving to the pen to provide some 13 runs per 9 innings of relief. Also, we see the return of Matt B-Lizzle. Up from Louisville where he has been surprisingly dominant, he's ready to try the starter's gig again. He gets the Dodgers and their fancy trolley cars tomorrow. Nice win today boys, kick LA while they're down tomorrow. Reds! Reds! Reds!


Aaron said...

Why not take a page from the Cards and Brewers (who are at the top of the standings) and bat Patterson 9th? It just might shame him into hitting better. He did start off pretty good and I don't think Bruce is ready yet (striking out too much at Louisville) so this would be my solution. Lead off the game with Keppinger.

Tim Timmons said...

i'd bat patterson 14th, behind volquez