Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Reds Lose? Cardinals 7-2

The author had gotten so used to the wins over the past three days that today really snuck up on me. Joel Pinero on the mound, Skip Schumaker back at the top of the lineup, easy win. But teams have begun to figure out Cueto's weakness (too much peanut brittle before the game) and the offense was just flat exhausted after bothering to put up 4 runs last night.

We did get to welcome back old friend Bill Bray who got the ball from Louisville. Sadly his promotion coincided with Big Frucking Nasty's demotion. It's unfortunate, but there's just no room on the big league roster for players that are absolutely terrible. See you later Nasty. Bray got some immediate action tonight, showcasing some very hittable stuff. But he didn't give up any runs and he was likely a little nervous with all those other lefties down in the bullpen. He'll be back comfortable on the disabled list in no time. Plan on the Reds taking the series tomorrow.

(also, don't think that 4 and 2/3 of scoreless ball by Josh Fogg went unnoticed. He is filthy and everyone knows it.)

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