Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Coming as a surprise to everyone, Josh Fogg was unable to put an end to the four-game losing streak. He put in his 2+, then hit the showers. Look out Wrigleyville, there's a Fogg on the prowl.

The offense continued their furious pace, putting up three runs. Zambrano looked as good as he is loco. One run did come via an Adam Dunn home run, which leaves some room for optimism. Votto had two doubles and has his average up to .333. Corey Patterson continues to haunt his former team, he's up to 0 for 8 for the series. He did draw a walk and yesterday he laid down a sacrifice. Looks like there may be some promise there after all. Tomorrow, Volquez makes his third start in a little afternoon baseball. That should turn things around.

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The Last Unitard said...

Shades of no-good Milton;
Burned my Fogg hat in disgust
Drowned sorrows with fire