Monday, April 7, 2008

This Is Not Over, Phillies 5-3

Reds had a chance to take the series today, but decided against it. That's okay, it's a long season and the umpires didn't have time for late inning walks, they had to meet with their accountants. Javy keeps his finances in very strict order and often forgets to the pitfalls of procrastination. Regardless, even with Juan Castro in the two hole, I'm not sure how you expect to win without Corey Patterson in center. That guy can rake.

Bronson wants the filth off the streets. If the police can't do it, he will... his way! Apparently, his way is to allow as many home runs as possible. Mission accomplished. Jimmy Rollins (J-Roll to friends, like me and Dr. Tiffee) to lead off the game, then 2 for Pat the Bat, and finally Geoff Jenkins first of the year. All in just over 5 innings. Not too bad. But look at that bullpen, no runs allowed? Who are you guys? Looks like they did do something this offseason other than punch one another in the throwing shoulder.

Team hits the road tomorrow, beginning in Milwaukee and including stops in Pittsburgh and Chicago. The author wishes them well but knows they don't need it. See you after 9 more wins.

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