Thursday, April 24, 2008

Horry Kow! Reds Offense Can't Figure Jack Cassel, 'Stros 5-3

The homestand was somewhat less successful than expected, finishing 2-5 prior to their big trip out west. Today, Cueto continued to apply the strategy Dick Pole put into place last season never to retire Lance Berkman. He hit a first inning bomb and drove in the go-ahead run with a double. He just lost out on the holiday fruit basket the Reds Rocket sends to likeable opposition.

Turning to a less related subject, when I was listening to the silence of the Reds' offense on the radio today, one of the listeners in the 'Ask Marty' segment, asked which Red would be most likely to win the 4th of July hot dog eating contest. After some discussion, Marty and Cowboy decided that Javy Valentin would be the choice. What led up to the question was Marty's discussion earlier in the broadcast regarding the amount of chicken Cowboy eats at the pre-season Reds Roadshow, in his short-sleeved dress shirts, of course. Looks like I know where I'll be next March, eating fried chicken with a big, fat dumb shit. Who wants to join me? 'Whoo boy, I love fried chicken.'

Play better tomorrow team.

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