Monday, May 14, 2007

Dodgers Offense Just Too Potent, 10-5

Livingston wasn't terrible but he wasn't good either, very Milton-esgue, which may be just what the organization is looking for. Big Frucking Nasty blew another big frucking lead, not helped by D. Ross's laser rocket arm. He's got to keep that baby under control. Griffey continues to rake and Phillips stayed hot, but Gonzalez left about 40 people on base and Hamilton's had a tough run of late, which has just happened to coincide with the disappearance of Mr. Encarnacion. Tonight they take the bus down to San Diego to do what they do best, beat up priests. The Reds consider themselves a non-denominational organization but boy, do they hate priests, or their spanish equivalent, Padres.

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