Sunday, May 6, 2007

This is a Joke Right? Rockies 9-7

The author is having a hard time putting his feelings regarding the beginning of this homestand into words. We'll say the opposite of pride, well maybe not that far, less pride. The offense put some runs on the board but the pitching, as they say, left a little to be desired. Harang threw 200 pitches through five plus prompting Narron to turn to the charlatans in the bullpen. The author has concluded that the Reds are in need of more relievers with a fish in their name. Take Brad Salmon, his early success in no doubt attributed to having the good fortune to be named after a sea fish. And as a rule, the more delicious the namesake, the more effective the pitcher. So, you do the math, Brad Salmon equals great reliever. But there are some positive signs, Hambone reminded everyone that he's a news-worthy human interest story. Look he has tattoos and can run pretty fast. Encarnacion dropped his first bomb of the year and Freel tripled his season RBI total. But Griffey's strike out in the 8th with runners on first and third with two runs already in, that my friends, was a killer. However, the author remains confident this early season adversity will build the character necessary in a championship team. Hear me? Championship!

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DevilsAdvocate said...

We'll say the opposite of pride...

I'm wondering, is there any chance this is a reference to a long-running television show?