Sunday, May 20, 2007

Indians Disappoint the State of Ohio, 5-3

Well, the Indians put the final touches on an all around solid roadtrip. 2-7 if my memory serves me correctly. Harang must have had something more important on his mind today and who can blame him. Giant relatives are even harder to say goodbye to than regular sized human beings. Tomorrow, Cincinnati greets the first of two very welcome visitors, the Washington Nationals. After their four game sweep, they'll see the Pirates. So all of a sudden 17-27 lookes like 25-27. Not too bad. And with the Brewers inevitable fall from the stratosphere, that should work out just about right. So, lets review, lots of hits tomorrow and let's throw in a strong pitching performance. Bowden is sure to be in attendance, with that pending grievance and all. Maybe he'd like to return Kearns for the weekend. The author always liked him.

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