Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Reds Plan Works To Perfection, 2-1

As the author alluded to yesterday, Narron had a plan all along while having the Reds do their best Kansas City Royals impression. The Padres just didn't know what hit them. Harang dominated for nine innings, the only blemish was a bad pitch to Geoff Blum, that's right Geoff Blum I don't like typing that either, than stumbled in the tying run. The author would think that if you have to give up the tying run, a balk is pretty close to the best way to do so, especially with Brian Giles at the plate. That guy's been tearing the top off the ball all season. But, though he didn't get the win, the team did after Griffey's bomb in 12th. That's something we can all enjoy.

The author thought a picture of Weathers, Stormy as Narron refers to him, was appropriate not only because Junior has been prominently featured on this website but as a thank you for some solid relief. Three innings of scoreless relief? That, my friend, is outstanding and not just because all of you have been awful for the last month. No runners allowed over the three innings is excellent even for a [what's the opposite of inept?] bullpen. So, looks like the Reds have those Priests right where they want them. Arroyo's squeezed some lemon in his weave and is soaking in that southern California sun. No way he's not ready to go tonight. Though Peavy's been a real asshole this year, the author is confident they get out of town with a big ol' victory.

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