Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Road Trip

Your favorite baseball team opens up a nine game in ten day roadtrip today in Houston. The Reds haven't played so well in the last, well most of this season. But they'll start in Houston, where they'll see Jason Jennings, as well as old friends Wandy and Woody. Those guys are solid individuals. No reason Reds won't sweep this series. They've already demonstrated that they can beat the Astros two out of every nine times they play. Our expectations are justifiably high.

After the Astros, Reds head to Colorado for three with the Colorado Mountains, then they conclude the trip in St. Louis against your reigning World Champs. Remember, just thirteen straight, that's all we're looking for. Then you're back to .500 and everyone isn't quite so catatonic. Maybe players won't be sent down after one bad start. So, big win tonight Reds. B-Lizzle, come on.

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