Thursday, May 17, 2007

Now That's the Way to Torture the Fanbase, Reds Lose 3-2

This team really appears to know what they're doing, breaking the author's heart and all. Runners all over the place throughout the game, they only manage the 2 runs. Granted, on Peavy, that's about a run more then he's been allowing for most of this season, so that's something. But you just can't give Mike Cameron and Kevin Kouzmanoff anything to hit, those guys, and their combined .180 batting average, will kill a team dead. And that's what happened last night, Cameron had 3 hits and 2 runs scored and Kouzmanoff, which is completely incomprehensible, was 3 for 3 with 2 rbis. Another run scored when Kouzmanoff singled while Dunn was smoking a cig and talking to some of that San Diego tail. That ball's not going to field itself, Donkey. Overall, Arroyo pitched a very nice game. And two fine starting pitching performances in a row, especially from the guys who we should expect that from, is certainly a positive. Now, let's get on the plane and avoid using prejudicial language while you hammer the Indians.

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