Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hello It's Me

The author wishes to apologize for the temporary leave of absence. Hopefullythe loyal readership has not been completely alienated by the author's lack of focus. It's just with finals and all, it was either take a break or melt it on down. The author opted for the former. How am I ever going to become a certified sous chef if I can't devote the time necessary to my souffle? They can sense fluctuations in your mood.

A lot has happened during my Hybernol induced coma, Encarnacion took his turn losing a game and was optioned to Louisville. Hello Jeff Keppinger, your official welcome is upcoming. Uncle Milty is on the shelf again with a sore goatee, and who's going to fill that fifth starter position? Everyone who is asked does their best Mr. Mysterio impression. The team finished up the homestand a respectable 2-5. Not a bad way to lead into a 9 game in 10 day roadtrip. So, lots of things to write about which I will get started on some time later today. I'm sure everyone is anxiously waiting.


The Last Unitard said...

In case you are discouraged by the lack of comments by people other than me, I love the Reds so much that my comments are equal to four comments by less awesome comment-taters.

Bring on the young dough-nut slinger! Save our season, Homer!

Tom said...

i come here everyday, this blog is teh awesome

Katy-Maty said...

Honestly, I'm getting close to the point where I only watch the games so that I can enjoy your commentary the following day.

Ok, not really, I will watch the Reds even as they fall into complete and total suck-age. Thanks for making it a little more bearable.