Monday, May 14, 2007

Reds Do Very Believable Impression of a Bad Baseball Team, 7-1 Padres

Bases loaded with no out in the first rarely predicts a positive outcome. That appeared to be the game plan tonight, allow as many baserunners to reach as possible and with misplays and some timely hitting, even by Cameron, this game was over very early. But the author knows what Narron is thinking here. Lull them to sleep with the old "worst team in the major leagues" routine, then when their back is turned, that's the time to kick some back. And we all know that if you're ever confronted by a Harang the only method to avoid a mauling is to look them straight in the eyes. The Padres, drunk off their newfound sense of accomplishment, will forget this important rule opening themselves up to a series of Cincinnati roundhouse kicks. The author can't wait.

PS. Stinking Maddux

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DevilsAdvocate said...

that's the time to kick some back.

A ha! I knew it - that's an unavoidable reference right there.

I can't believe the Reds gave up two hits EACH to Cameron, Bard, and worst of all the Hitless Wonder Kouzmanoff.