Monday, May 14, 2007

Reds in San Diego

The club continues their California vacation today in San Diego. There is no link between the picture of El Kabong and the Padres, other than the fact the author wanted to say kabong. The Priests are in second in the west behind the blasted Dodgers. So, hopefully the Reds can kabong them back to fourth. Today they open up against Maddux, who was pretty good against Cincinnati last season. Fortunately, the Reds have a San Diego native on the roster, so the stands will be populated with Harangs. If the author was the Padres, he's be careful not to get on their bad side. They'll kill you three times before you hit the ground. Here's the Redsbot 5000 predicted lineup:

1. Marcus Giles 2B - missed his brother so much that he opted to disregard being good at baseball

2. Brian Giles RF - fans love his dedication to drawing walks and hitting for no power

3. Jose Cruz LF - his father is very disappointed with what he has become

4. Adrian Gonzalez 1B - makes a kick-ass spinich dip

5. Khalil Green SS - can count backwards from ten, most of the time

6. Josh Bard C - is very happy the John Mellencamp "This is My Country" ad campaign has been extended to include baseball

7. Mike Cameron CF - once traded for Griffey, marks the greatest accomplishment of his career

8. Kevin Kouzmanoff 3B - has had no difficulty with the transition from minor to major league baseball, actually the .121 he his currently hitting might be a little optimistic over the entire season

9. Greg Maddux P - never heard of him

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