Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Get Well Ryan Freel

There was a bad crash in centerfield the other night, and the author feels bad for not previously extending his well wishes. Apparently both men thought they were the only person in charge of fielding every fly ball hit to the outfield. Ryan Freel got the worst of it when NoHo raised that elbow, already envisioning a full time job in center. Evidently after Freel was taken to the hospital with a contusion to his head and neck, the CT scans and MRIs showed there were no serious injuries. So, that's good, just some contusions. He'll take a 15 day break then come back and swing at first pitches after four straight walks or try and steal third as the tying run with Junior at the plate. You know, all the reasons we love the guy. Hopefully the collision didn't damage his greatest asset, his mind. See you in two weeks.

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