Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Roy Oswalt's in Violation of His Face, 3-1 A-holes

Oswalt [pronounced with a long 'O' sound] was pretty good this evening. Though Dunn appears to be heading in a positive direction again, his home run in the 5th was the first hit of the game, and turned out to be the only run. Oswalt simply out-thinks his opponents, mixing up real dang fast ball with the not so dang fast ball. I bet if he really set his mind to it, he could throw that ball all the way to Mexico. What are you going to do? Lohse's strategy to start the first three batters off with nothing but a newly developed straight and slow ball, backfired. But that's the only way you improve, through in game reps. It's coming along, he'll get them next time. Tough break team.

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