Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Houston Pitching Probables

Today the Reds open up a three game set with the banjo playing, Houston Spacemen. The brief two game set the teams played in Cincinnati last month was marred by, how do you say, god awful, bullpen performances. So, hopefully that trip to Pittsburgh has gotten the team heading in the right direction. Griffey is supposed to play again tonight, which should be a good thing. And as the continuing perveyor of information that this site is, here are the Astros pitchers the Reds will be seeing this series.

1. Matt Albers - Today will only be his fifth big league start, so not much information out there. Had one start last year against the Reds, and took the loss after allowing five runs through 4 1/3. But more importantly, check out that great picture. That is his stock photo. It's like to photographer said, "Okay, tilt your head to the right and give me more smirk. Now give me your douchbag. Perfect!"

2. Wandy Rodriguez - the author will admit, this offseason all of us over at the Reds Rocket were afraid that Wandy wasn't going to be back with the Astros this year. And that would be a plain shame, because he loves giving up runs. But he's back, tossing up some fresh Dominican salad from the left side. I'm sure the Reds bats can't wait until tomorrow. On a lighter note, has a daughter named Wadelis.

3. The Reds didn't have to see him the first trip and the author was hoping that his turn in the rotation might not come up this time either because he's a real pain in the ass. Fifteen consecutive wins against the Reds before finally relenting last season, no one likes seeing him on the mound. Owns a bulldozer and, surprisingly to anyone who has heard him speak, is a fan of NASCAR.

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