Monday, April 30, 2007

Gonzalez Player of the Week

Today the author noticed a familiar name among the Players of the Week, the Reds very own Alex Gonzalez. Even though he is sharing the award with noted melvin Chase Utley, it's still quite an honor. At the beginning of the year, how many of the readership predicted that Alex Gonzalez would be the first Cincinnati player of the week? The author would guess, somewhere in the 75% range. This guy is solid and we all knew that coming in this season. As stated previously, the author expects this sort of performance every week for the rest of the season. So, let's continue to focus out there. Don't want to let anyone down.

PS. Since this site has always been so supportive, can I have your commemorative plaque? I'll write a letter to the idiots at Yahoo Fantasy Sports on your behalf. I'm pretty sure they'll even recognize your superiority over AAAngel Berroa (get it, he's in AAA).


T Timmons, Sr said...

now remind me what's a "melvin"?

tim timmons said...

An accountant

Anonymous said...

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