Friday, April 27, 2007

So Long Chris Denofia, Hello Quote in Billy Beane's Next Finances of Baseball Book

The author is also a little late on this, but Chris Denorfia has been traded to the Oakland A's for a $5 Starbucks gift card and a promise of a Krivsky quote [which may include a humorous anecdote] appearing in the next book that Billy Beane publishes. Management has to be pretty happy with this deal. Denorfia is done until 2008 after undergoing Tommy John reconstructive elbow surgery but that gift card can be redeemed at their earliest convenience. And just think how smart the Reds will look when that book hits the shelves. Billy Beane is a genius! He's such a good GM he doesn't even need to win playoff games.

While the author has always liked Denorfia, the Reds outfield was getting a little crowded, especially with the, somewhat remote, possibility of Jay Bruce being ready by next spring. We here at the Reds Rocket wish you well in Oakland and don't see any reason you can't at least beat out Bobby Kielty next season. Give my regards to Too Short, we go way back.

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