Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Diamondbacks Deceive Reds 5-4

Last night the Snakes, a creature known for it's sly and crafty nature, were able to trick the Reds into losing in extra innings. Even though we saw some power (bombs by Dunn, Phillips, and Hamilton-his first big league hit) and some good pitching at times (Lohse set down 14 of his last 15), Arizona utilized the powers of evil (obviously demonstrated by Conor Jackson scoring the game winner) to corrupt Cincinnati and take a 2-0 lead in the series and bring the Reds back the .500 for the season. At no time were these powers of dark more obvious than in the top of the 11th. Dunn singles sharply to left, Griffey rests the bat on his shoulder and walks on down the line, but then the bat of Encarnacion was taken over by demonic possession. He missed the bunt on 2-0 and then, just as he is about to put that 3-1 fastball in the gap, he was overcome by the evil grip placed around his throat and popped up to the catcher. Of course, there were still two more opportunities to make a big play after that (Ross, Gonzalez the author is looking in your direction) but that is beside the point. Had Satan not gotten involved, which we'll all agree is pretty unfair, the Reds would be even in this series. Screw the Diamondbacks and their evil lord.

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