Monday, April 2, 2007

Big Donkey Show

The author's comments earlier, regarding Dunn hitting in the two hole, were probably not completely sincere. However, today we learned a very valuable lesson about questioning the genius of Narron. The bombs ignited the offense and Harang used his giant hands to choke the Chicago "offense" for seven very strong innings. And don't you think that Griffey's hits weren't premeditated. He knew the defense would not be adequately prepared for soft liners to left. Hamilton got an at bat and a human interest story. And Big Z looks like he's fueled up to break at least some minor laws. The team proudly displayed its superiority.


The Last Unitard said...

After seeing that performance yesterday, I don't think going undefeated is out of the question.

NYRed said...

Yeah, but does David Ross need hitting glasses?