Thursday, April 12, 2007

Travel Day

Day off today as the Reds place their dogs on horses and ride from Arizona to Chicago. Tomorrow the team opens a three game set with the young bears in Chicago. Unfortunately, Sunday is the only game which is going to be nationally televised on WGN. This is disappointing because that's only one of three games where Reds fans will be able to hear the dynamic duo, Len Kasper and Bob Brenly, call the games.

The author was further saddened to learn that the Emmy Award which Brenly earned for last season's broadcast excellence was recently stolen from his home. The despicable act was no doubt prompted by the high street value of the unique and collectable item. It's got to be in the hundreds of dollars. On a similar note, the author would also like to congratulate Kasper for his contribution to popular music. This offseason, Kasper was awarded a Grammy Award for his single, "Matt Murton is the Next Joe DiMaggio." Who knew that a baseball broadcast could contain such sweet, sweet music. These guys are a true credit to their profession. Send an in-game email encouraging them at

Actually, these guys make it almost impossible to not root for the team who is opposing the Cubs. The author would like to recommend a more likeable alternative such as Charles Manson:

"There's a shot off the bat of DeRosa and I'm inside the ball, whizz-whizz, I'm carrying the ball over the left fielder's head by utilizing the hypocritical powers of the Beatles music. The world is ending and I've got a knife and the power of fire...and Dunn's under it, side retired. No runs on one hit, no Cincinnati errors. Griffey is set to lead off the Reds' half of the fifth."

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