Saturday, April 7, 2007


For those of you were at the game last night or today, know about the interesting giveaways the Reds had planned for those in attendance. From the Reds' official website:

For the Friday April 7th game against Pittsburgh, the first 10,000 Reds fans will receive the very first addition of the Bronson Arroyo Fannypack. Fill it with coins, cat food (for the stray cats always hanging around your house), or Binaca. And ladies, just imagine the jealousy of your friends when they see Bronson that close to your lady parts.
For Saturday April 8th join us for Ryan Freel Urinalysis Night at Great American Ballpark. The first 12,000 fans will receive the colorful urine receptacle, emblazened with the image of your 2007 Reds Centerfielder. The design on the cup will make you forget the strictness of the court's decision. After all, it was just 6 beers, I drink that most days before 10 am.
And finally for the last game of this opening home stand, Sunday April 9th, be one of the first 15,000 fans and receive an exact replica of the butterfly knife used by your favorite reserve catcher, Chad Moeller. While Chad won't personally teach you how to kill, the knife is so easy to use adults and children alike will love this special commemorative item. Remain safe on those late night walks home, show co-workers how much of man you really are, or get a head start on your neighbors and develop early hand-eye coordination in your future major leaguer.

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