Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Coffey Decides He's Tired of Pitching Every Day, Reds Lose 7-2

For some reason the author was not allowed to add photos of Big Frucking Nasty for this particular post, which is too bad, because there were some really nice ones. Second meltdown in three nights, that's probably not exactly what you want from your right handed set up man. Cormier didn't make any friends either by allowing that bomb. Expect a double ax handle or spinning suplex from Harang in the clubhouse. Griffey atoned for the run he gave up in the field the other night by taking one away. The author was impressed with the manliness of the guy cowering from the ball while Griffey was reaching over the wall. As we have grown fairly accustomed, little offense again tonight. Phillips and Hambone went yard, but that was more or less the extent of it. At least Woody Williams is on the hill tomorrow, he'll cure what ails ye'.

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The Last Unitard said...

Our relievers are too fat.