Monday, April 16, 2007

Reds Look Great...No Wait That Other Word, Awful. Lose 10-6

On a night where the offense hit a little and Eric Milton pitched adequately, the other, more reliable, elements of this season's team forgot to show up. The defense and bullpen, which have both been solid thus far this year, were not tonight. Look, the Brewers are even jumping up in the air and bumping into one another. Bunch of fools, must not know what tomorrow's game has in store. On a night where Phillips got two hits, Encarnacion drove in two with a two out single, and D. Ross even put three balls in play, with one resulting with him reaching base [.107 for those of you keeping track], the future looks much brighter for fans of Cincinnati offense. After agreeing to help the Brewers pitching staff improve their fielding, Griffey hit a ball well which resulted in a double. Perhaps a sign that maybe his bat is finally starting to come around, though he still refuses to pull the ball with power. Anyway, despite all the crap tonight, there were some bright spots which will ensure less jumping from the Brewers in the future.

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Mr. Red Stocking said...

I think the two keys to the debacle last night were 1) the most ridiculous infield fly rule ever called by man (and the fact that Narron, must have never seen Lou toss a base in the outfield, didn't get tossed for arguing the call) and 2) the fact that people think that Todd "One Pitch" Coffey is good - for the love of pete, Jose Canseco could have pitched better.