Monday, April 9, 2007

Tonight the Reds play their first game away from home. It's in Arizona, so hopefully Narron brought plenty of sunscreen and didn't forget his swimsuit.

The young snakes are actually playing pretty good baseball. They are off a sweep of the Nationals, in Washington no less. Pretty amazing stuff. Anyway, as was done with the Pirates, the author has plugged the Diamondbacks' roster into Redsbot 5000 and determined tonight's starting lineup.

1. Stephen Drew SS - excellent table manners, his brother uses initials as his first name

2. Conor Jackson 1B - his father, John, is an actor and played Admiral A.J. Chegwidden on the television series "JAG." Author's dad was also on JAG, he was the one that beat up Admiral A.J. Chegwidden.

3. Orlando Hudson 2B - played in Canada, has brought the love of denim with him to the desert

4. Eric Byrnes RF -

5. Scott Hairston LF - all these Hairstons are hard to keep straight

6. Chad Tracy 3B - tied my man Encarnacion for 2006 league lead in errors with 25

7. Chris Young CF - either an outfielder, a 6'10" pitcher or a guy author went to high school with who tied a cindar block to the bumper of the gym teacher's car.

8. Chris Snyder C - on the cover of Diamondback's media guide, the picture is posted above introducing this post

9. Doug Davis P - loves the base on balls, sharp-looking soul patch

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