Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Who's Ready to Rock

While scouts have consistently rated Arroyo's ability to "pull major league tail" and "rock it like a masochist" anywhere from good to plus, there has been some question about his ability to throw a baseball. Last season, he threw a ton of innings (at least by current trends) and gave the Reds a consistent number two, something which they hadn't had in a while. But non-believers attribute last year's success to his first year in a new league. Many of the hitters simply had not had an opportunity to face him prior to last year. Fortunately, today the Cubs are in town and Arroyo has the opportunity to silence such talk. We're going to need at least six innings, maybe a hit, and a post game concert featuring, at the very least, Brown Eyed Girl and maybe something by Nickelback. While the music will likely slow the flow of blood to the brain of most of the male audience, doctors assure you that it will be the most enjoyable aneurism you are likely to experience.

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