Thursday, April 26, 2007


Afternoon game today against noted trader Randy Keisler. Randy has made two starts this year, both of which lacked character. He's winless but also lossless. Come on Randy, don't you think it's about time you choose a direction and stick with it? And the author has decided that today is as good of day as any for you to assert yourself, show everybody what Randy Keisler really is, a true bottom rung starting pitcher. Right up there with Tony Armas Jr. and Casey Fossum. At least you'll have an identity and remember, no press is bad press. We want less "who the hell's that guy" and more "that's Randy Keisler, he's the goddamned worst pitcher in the National League." No more anonymity for Randy. Now how about 7 runs over 2 1/3?

*Update: Mission accomplished. Keisler 3+ innings 6 hits 4 runs. You're on your way to notoriety. Congratulations!

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