Sunday, April 22, 2007

Cole Hamels, You My Friend Are a Jerk 4-1

How soon Cole Hamels forgets May 12, 2006. That date marked his first major league start against these very same Reds. And you know what? They cut him some slack. They knew it was his first time out there in front of a major league crowd and they gave him five scoreless innings. And what do the Reds get in return for their consideration, the heartless demonstration from last night. With Milton on the mound and Griffey and Valentin unavailable, Hamels used the Reds depleted lineup to carry out his own selfish motives. On a night where Eric Milton was mystifyingly effective [that's two in a row], the offense was pretty quiet again. No thanks to our pal Cole. At least we all know that Phildelphia fans won't remember this start next time out as they're booing him for allowing three unearned runs in the first. And that will be sweet. Anyway, how about some offense today? And no more triple plays, those really crush the soul.

Or else, look for Krivsky to jumpstart the offense with a package deal of Dunn and Griffey for some middle relievers and solid defenders. That's the only way they're going to stay in this race.

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