Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Your Reds Favorite Fish

Today, because it's his turn in the rotation, the Reds Rocket answers the question what is Matt Belisle's favorite type of fish? In a bit of a surprise, the answer is sturgeon.

Turns out that a sturgeon is actually a genus of northern hemisphere fish. There are 21 varieties and the typical sturgeon, though they can be much bigger, ranges anywhere from 8 to 11 feet in length. They are bottom-feeders, using their projecting wedgeshaped snout they stir up the soft bottom, where they eat crustaceans and other small fish. Having no teeth, they are unable to attack and kill larger prey.

Prior to each start, B-Lizzle has fresh sturgeon flown in. Team chefs season and grill the fish then, as is the customary preparation, throw the fish in the blender with just the right amount of milk added. Matt has always liked a cool, refreshing fish shake, but had to wait until this year, when he finally got that starter's paycheck, to finally upgrade to sturgeon. No more white fish for you Matt. Kick the Brewers in the ass tonight.

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