Thursday, April 19, 2007

Welcome Norris Hopper

The author realizes that the official welcome is a day late, but did you see the size of the posts yesterday? The author figured you'd heard plenty from this site. The sadness of saying goodbye to third catcher Chad Moeller was almost immediately forgotten when Hopper arrived in Cincinnati, fresh from a minor league rehab assignment. Last season he got a September call and then went on to hit .359 over his 39 at bats, including nine starts. Pretty impressive Norris. The author also noticed that he is the proud owner of 1 home run from last season and that came with the big club [but he did only get 460 at bats in Chattanooga, Louisville, and Cincinnati]. The most difficult part of this call up, in addition him finding any time in a crowded and so far, productive outfield, is coming up with a serviceable nickname. Norris Hopper is already a pretty cool name. It could easily be attached to any number of late '70s to mid '80s tv characters. He could be out there, solving crimes or saving lives -- his own way, he doesn't need his hardass boss telling him what to do. He's his own man, just trying to get by in these crazy times we find ourselves in. But while that idea for a television show is certainly very, very good, all nicknames possibilities are not. For now, it's Norper but that's subject to change. Anyway Norper, welcome back to Cincinnati and try to enjoy yourself.

And so long Chad Moeller. You brandished a pretty good butterfly knife.
*Update: Moeller cleared waivers and accepted an assignment to Louisville, so maybe we'll see him again. This is positive news.

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I love this blog. Keep it up!