Monday, April 2, 2007

Time for the Really Big Shoe

The weather is tolerable, the lineup is set. Who wants a savage beating? I’m pretty sure the Cubs do. Of course I thought Jon Coutlangus would be on the opening day roster, that guy’s lights out. Griffey looks nice in right field. Remember that game last year against the Cubs and color man extraordinaire Bob Brenly was wondering on air why Griffey doesn’t just lay down a bunt because Zambrano was “unhittable”? Then he hit a bomb while he was still in mid-sentence? Brenly must have had some great assistant coaches on that World Championship team. I see Dunn is hitting in the two hole, and why wouldn’t he? That just makes good baseball sense. I’m pretty sure Zambrano is going to threaten to kill the home plate umpire or Pinella before the seventh inning stretch. “Big Z says you’re dead! You hear me, dead!” Maybe next time the Cubs are in town Dibble will show up and grapple with Pinella on the infield before the game. I’d pay extra to see that. I think Cubs fans are really going to enjoy having Mark DeRosa around for the next three years. All light hitting utility players should make $4 million a year. How many singles is Hatteberg going to have today? My guess is 6. Harang has been saving up his filth all spring, he's going to unload it today

Opening day makes it okay to disregard the logic and common sense plaguing our everyday lives. “They’re not going to be teaching us anything we couldn’t read in the book anyway.” “Yes sir, I always take a three hour lunch on opening day. It’s in my contract.” “I think it’s time for the kids to learn how to find their own way home.”

It’s all excusable because the Reds are going to win. Go Reds, Go Reds, Go Reds.

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