Friday, April 27, 2007

Pittsburgh Probables

Since the Pirates lineup has already been previewed, the author thought the readership might be interested in the starting pitchers the Reds are likely to see in the next three games. It's hard to believe that the Pirates are at .500, but they are and it's largely because of the starting pitching and of course Jack Wilson, that guy's dynomite.

1. Ian Snell - bio says that he attended the same high school as Dave Williams, remember him? No wonder he's been pitching so well to open the season, Williams must have given him some tips this offseason. So far this season, 1-1 with a 2.00 ERA with good strikeout numbers, 24 in 27 innings. His teamates like to break his heart late in games as well, so he must be a jerk. The offense will have to remember that and not take it so easy on him.

2. Tom Gorzelanny - 3-0 with a 2.05 ERA to start the season? Come on Tom, you think that's the way to start your career in Pittsburgh? I know you were the team's 2006 Minor League Pitcher of the Year and that you might have "potential." But it's going to be a lot easier on you if you lower the city's expectations before you dash their hopes and crush their dreams. It's very important. Because you will, you will disappoint not only the city of Pittsburgh, but yourself. Keep that in mind tomorrow.

3. Paul Maholm - yeah, the author saw your last outing. Complete game shut out using only 99 pitches. Try doing that against a team that isn't the Astros then the author might believe you're not just another young Pirate left-hander with lots of unrealized potential. We'll keep an eye on you and see if you get to that coveted 8 win mark. I think they name a sandwich after you, might the author recommend the Paul Maholm suckwich.


Daedalus said...

Oh great, another series where neither team scores one run during the first seven innings before the real ballgame actually starts...

Anonymous said...

ONE run?? But hey, Adam Dunn popped #5, a meaningless solo shot. The lefthanded Jay Buhner is off to yet another typical season - strike out, strike out, strike out, home run. Maybe tomorrow he'll go home run, strike out, strike out, strike out? What a one-dimensional P.O.S.

At least you'll get Guardado's 84-mph cheese back pretty soon....right?