Thursday, April 5, 2007

Because David Ross and Brandon Phillips don't need to impress anyone, certainly not you, the fact they share a total of zero base hits between them this season isn't something that gets under their skin. However, the author wonders which one will be able to go the longest, you know like that episode of Seinfeld, without yanking one through the infield. Since it seemed very difficult to add a poll or some other form of information gathering system, your answers will have to either be put in the comments, or you can just think about it and form your own opinion, personally. Either way, this is a new fun way for the readers to interact with the website. Yeah Reds Rocket!
*Update: B. Phillips just couldn't hold out any longer, single to right center in the 4th. Looks like Ross, who's actually got the day off, is our winner.

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