Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Reds Try Using Bats to Win a Game, Succeed 11-5

Ryan Freel got his first start in the infield for the season and it appeared to please him and the smaller man that lives inside his brain. He went 4 for 5 and scored three runs, including the first of five in the 7th. The offense, which had no doubt been waiting for Alex Gonzalez to return from tending to his ill son so that he wouldn't feel left out, exploded for 15 hits. B. Phillips had the big one, a two out single to left to plate Freel in the 7th [his triple in the 8th was equally impressive, if only for the fact he stopped midway to first and made a ham sandwich before continuing on his way]. Javier Valentin got the day off from looking cool on the steps of the dugout for eight innings and put the game away in the seventh when his single drove in two, with a third coming around on an error by centerfielder Willy Hall. B-Lizzle was not his newly-dominant self tonight, he'll just have to have an extra helping of fish before next start. Mike Stanton, with another two scoreless innings, has proved his loyalty, and is now trusted to hear the author's deepest secrets. All around good night for the Cincinnati ballclub. It's really too bad the Brewers can't stick around for a few more days. Reds! Reds! Reds!


Anonymous said...

11 runs and no long balls? Impressive, but let's see some moon shots!

The Last Unitard said...

They're saving those up for a worthy opponent.

turbosloth9 said...