Thursday, May 3, 2007

Stanton! 7-5 Astros

It had been awhile since the bullpen had been given an opportunity to make an impact, but they seized that opportunity tonight. With the devistating Wandy Rodriguez finally out of the game, the Reds re-took the lead with a big 7th. And Big Frucking Nasty even got an out before taking a big frucking shower, but then Stanton carefully chose the weakest bat [maybe with the exception of Chris Burke, he's also pretty weak] in the Houston and allowed him to win the game. Luke Scott, off the bench no less? Come on Stanton, that is not the person who should be celebrating tonight. He should be feeling bad about being Luke Scott. Weathers gave up another run on a Biggio double. Nice to see you guys again. The author missed you.

On another note, the author would like to take a minute to praise Eric Milton for not being absolutely terrible this season. His 2007 starts [he didn't get the loss tonight but probably deserved it] look something like this:

While he loves breaking a team's spirit with lots of first inning runs, that's what he likes to do and would you take that away from him when it's all he's got? You're telling me, New York Mets I'm looking in your direction, that you're really confident throwing Oliver Perez out there every fifth day? Maybe you forget that he got run out of Pittsburgh. That's right, the Pirates. They didn't want him because he's a terrible pitcher and a rotten human being [the last part may not necessarily be true]. And you Dodgers, Mark Hendrickson and Brett Tomko? Sure Hendrickson's tall and throws left handed, but of all of the middle of the road, ex-NBA talent, the author would have more confidence suiting up Gheorghe Muresan. And you know you've got that prorated $9 million, just sell the rights to the Vin Scully story. It would bring tears to America's collective eyes.

Narron's already cut his pitch count down to about 50 a game [35 in the first inning], so he'll be plenty fresh for that late season stretch run. Not that the Reds are going to be out of the race they certainly will not, but it's been like a week since Krivsky's made a deal, he getting antsy. Milton's ripe for the picking. Just something to think about. Come on, I'll buy you some new deodorant. How about if Milton agrees to mow the field before the games?

Anyway, here's the boxscore. Griffey hit another bomb, stole a base for the first time in quite a while, and has his average is over .300, nice job Junior.

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