Saturday, May 26, 2007

You Have Become Quite Adept At Dashing My Hopes, Pirates 10-4

Granted that monkey doesn't look like his spirit has been crushed, but it has. He's a Reds fan too and just saw the team give up eight runs, that's right, eight runs in the 10th inning to the Pirates. Harang was pretty dominant for the eight innings he threw, too bad the offense only felt obligated to put up runs once the game was well out of reach. Nice back to back from Griffey and Phillips, though.

The author is starting to worry about the safety of Narron's job, now that the Reds officially own the worst record in baseball. Some of the non-loyalists even support this notion but let me assure you, ridding yourself of the great Jerry Narron is not the way to right the wrongs of this baseball team. He may just be to advanced for this game.

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