Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hello Marcus McBeth

Welcome Marcus. The author saw that you were acquired for Chris Denorfia, who the author always viewed as a hard-working, responsible member of the Reds family. But, as you may have seen, this bullpen ain't no good, so help was sought elsewhere. You represent that help. So, we're going to need you to go ahead and get some late inning outs. Looking at your bio, I see that you're a Cock, or South Carolina Gamecock. You returned kicks for the football team as a freshman? That's impressive, you'll have something in common with Todd Coffey, or Big Frucking Nasty as he's commonly known around these parts, he did the same in high school. Quick and agile are two words which have been used to describe the way he moves. Also, and I assure you that's not alarm in my voice, you've only been pitching for a little over two years? Well, I guess there's not that much to learn, just throw the ball where those guys with the rounded sticks can't hit it. I saw you got the call with our old pal Chad Moeller, that guy's a real piece of work. Maybe go somewhere else after the game. Anyway, the author would like to congratulate you on your first major league action and, let's get some outs. The rest of the jerks in the bullpen might try and persuade you that it's cool to lose game after game in the late innings, but it's not. Try and remember that.

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Phil Richardson said...

Keep up the good work, Tim. The Lubbock, Texas chapter of the Cincinnati Reds Fan Club (I think I'm the only member) reads your blog every day.