Friday, May 11, 2007

Hello Mr. Keppinger

The author will admit, he had to do a little research prior to writing this particular post. The name Keppinger sounds vaguely family, was he the neighbor on Alf? No, I guess that was Raquel and Trevor Achmanic. Oh, I remember, Keppinger is the name of the guy who was designated [and subsequently traded] by the Royals during the offseason and is now taking the place of Encarnacion on the Reds roster. Not off to a good start here Jeff. Let's see what else you've got to offer. Well, there is no finely trimmed chin-strap beard, but I suppose that can be corrected. Last season he put up .267 with two bombs in 60 at bats, nothing extraordinary there. And it says here you're from Miami, the author once heard that the only people who play baseball in Floriday are those not good enough to play football. So, tell me Jeff, what's the deal? How did you get Edwin exiled to Louisville when you appear to be nothing more than a journeyman middle infielder? The answer, as it turns out is, Jeff Keppinger can juggle. Not just like three baseballs but 15 bowling pins, while riding around on a unicycle blindfolded. On occasion he's been known to incorporate "little people", seltzer water, and 2 x 4's into the routine. Pretty amazing stuff, and as we all know, there's nothing Krivsky likes more than an entertainer. What else is Juan Castro doing here? So, welcome Jeff, may your stay be long and productive or at least until Encarnacion apologizes for not attending Krivsky's birthday party. That really hurt his feelings.

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