Monday, May 28, 2007

Thanks Kyle, Reds Win? 4-0

As much as the author has enjoyed watching the Reds lose six consecutive games to the Pirates and Nationals, that win today was a nice change of pace. Lohse looked pretty good out there even after Hopper tried to bully his way into some more playing time in center. Sounds like Freels got himself a contusion. And Griffey in the lead off slot, genius.

The picture to the right represents the pre-game conversation Lohse had with the ball. In case you forgot, his last three starts were pretty unimpressive: 6 earned in 4.2 innings against the Nats, 5 earned in 1.1 against the Indians, and 6 earned in 4.0 against the Dodgers. He wasn't real keen on joining Saarloos and Big Frucking Nasty down in Louisville, so he had to really concentrate today.

"You hear me baby, it's Kyle here, Kyle Lohse. Now, I'm going to grip you real hard, rock and fire, rock and fire, and you're going to miss those bats. Kyle can't go back to AAA. Kyle's big league, he's big time. Louisville's not Kyle's kind of town. Miss those bats."

And they did, so nice job Mr. Lohse. The author figured they'd need something like 7 home runs after that disaster yesterday. Nice victory team, now how about fourteen straight wins to get back to average. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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