Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mike Bacsik is Ready to Give Up Some Runs

The past couple of days the Reds have had the misfortune of having to go up against such names as Jason Simontacchi, Matt Chico, and Levale Speigner. It's no suprise that they are 1-2 to begin this homestand, those guys are awesome. But today, as they say, the worm has turned. Mike Bacsic is making his second start of the season and 17th of his career. He has previously been run out of Baltimore, New York [Mets] and last year, Texas. And, for some reason, his stock photo on the Nationals site has him wearing a Phillies uniform. But he's an honest Texas gentleman, he's not going to pretend to be something that he's not. He's going to toss up hittable pitches, and if you hit them you hit them. His father owns an alpaca ranch in Texas, so he doesn't need your big league attitude. Let's give him what he wants and run him out of baseball all together.

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