Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Pains are Back, Reds Lose To Nats 12-7

The author typed in "disbelief", first with "people" in the search, then just disbelief and the picture you see to the right is the first good photo I found. I think it is an accurate depiction of my appearance while I was watching the score crawler while at a restaurant with some of the author's family. That cat looks pretty surprised and though the disappointment may not be obvious, it's lurking there below the surface. The author has two cats, count them, two, so these things are second nature.

Anyway, on a non-cat related topic, how about those Reds tonight? They are now officially tied with the Nationals as the worst team in the National League. The Nationals, as you may remember, many experts picked to be the worst major league baseball team in many moons. But, Narron knows what he's doing, the author remains optimistic. Maybe the Nationals will turn out to be a very good team, hey they just took three out of four from the Braves. You don't hear anyone calling the Braves the worst team in the history of baseball. So there. Go Reds.

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