Sunday, June 17, 2007

Arroyo Better Think [think think] Think About What He's Tryin' To Do To Me, Rangers 11-4

Now for those of you keeping track, today marked the fifth god awful start out of the last six for Reds coverboy Bronson Arroyo. The author is afraid we're going to see braids again, maybe a ponytail. This Texas offense is not good, but you certainly couldn't tell by this weekend series. Also, as you may have noticed Kevin Millwood is not the same pitcher that he was a couple of years ago, an ERA over 7.00 tells no lies. But he struck out quite a few hitters and when he got himself in trouble the lineup did what they could to bail him out. I know the author said to cut Daggum Ross some slack after the ho-down last night following his big game, but you can't chase pitches when you're up with the bases loaded and the pitcher wants to walk you. Gives the author the vapors. There are many other bad things to talk at the conclusion of this series with a very poor team but the author prefers to set his focus open the series with the Unathletics starting tomorrow night. They've overachieved all season, time to sit them down and explain how they will lose the next three games, starting with Lohse's dominance tomorrow. The author is tempted to repost the picture and explanation of the goatee for tomorrow. Good mogumbo. Nice game today Donkey, the author can just picture Krivsky rubbing his hands together and picturing the middle relievers a quality outfielder like you will purchase.

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Anonymous said...

"The vapors" hahaha you make me laugh every day, dude. :P