Wednesday, June 20, 2007

How Many Balls Are in a Walk, 5-3 Assletics

Reds got out to an early lead on Red Haren but the bullpen decided not to hold onto the lead. McBeth had some bad luck against his old organization, the Swingin' A's, then Cooter just plain forgot where he's supposed to throw that dang ball. A-goo-goo-goo goo. Dunn and Hambone provided the advantage before B-Liz was no match for Jack Cust's strong fundamentals. That swing is perfect. But overall B-Lizzle was very good. You really can't blame him for going out there giving it the old Eric Milton every fourth start because in the other three he left the game with a lead. On a high note, the author just came up with the term Assletics, get it? Instead of Athletics? It's late. Anyway, day off tomorrow then up to Seattle to hammer on the Pilots for three days. Now that's a bad baseball team.

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