Sunday, June 17, 2007

Give Me One of Them Ribs, Reds 8-4

That probably a little more like a team should play against the Rangers. Back to back home runs in the first and then Griffey adding another in the third [he also put good wood on the ball [ha] in his other two at bats]. And though Aaron "The Undertaker" was not as sharp as we've seen him, he got the big outs and more importantly made Sammy Sosa look like like the putz that he is. That's what Sammy should do with the bases loaded, weak groundball to second. Good for you Mr. Harang.

Now onto Mr. Daggum Ross. The author will admit that recently he had been thinking that maybe, Daggum wasn't the answer behind the plate. Sure he throws out some runners and the staff seems to like him, but he's had like 10 hits all season. These thoughts were centralized to the second inning when he failed to get Hambone in from third with no outs and the pitcher on deck. But then he made me look like a fool, an April fool if you will. Two bombs, a single, and four driven in is simply outstanding. I see that average is back up a very respectible .196. That's better than most of the pitchers and Frank Catalanotto. And everyone knows what a big night by Daggum Ross equates to, good ol' fashion barbeque in the clubhouse. Whoo'ee. Good thing he keeps his smoker in his locker just in case. So, if he's not as sharp today, give him a break. If you're going to smoke ribs right, you've got to put in the time. And of course during that time, you drink about 40 Budweisers, so take it easy on him. Yesterday was an entire week's worth of production. Daggum. Reds! Reds! Reds!

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