Saturday, June 16, 2007

Now There's One That Stings, Rangers Beat Reds 7-6

Yesterday started off well with the news that Majewski had been exiled to work his non-out getting trade elsewhere. Welcome back Brad Salmon, the author hopes you enjoy your three days with the team [and nice inning of relief last night]. But then in the first, the Rangers scored their first run of the game on a single by the author's most hated nemises, Sammy Sosa. The guy is not only one of the more selfish pricks you'll find, but lies and cheats in a variety of ways. He's a piece of trash. But, the team rallied back, and our pal B-Lizzle held a two run lead in the fifth. After he gave up several hits and walk to Michael Young, a move of which the author was very much in favor, he elevated a fastball, the only pitch Slammin' Sammy can hit anymore, over the plate and out it went. Even if the Reds win, which of course they didn't, that sours the whole night. Beat this bunch of goobers today. Harang is on the mound and hasn't had a win for a while. Time to get one today, and let's stay away from that late inning Texas bullpen which is not as bad as the rest of the team.

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