Sunday, June 24, 2007

Squid 3 Reds 2

Started out as a pretty nice day at the park today. Griffey hit one out in the first, when my main man Willie Bloomquist batted the ball like a beach ball over the left field fence. He's just such a valuable player because he's so versatile. Then Junior took another one out in the 5th, which was a rocket. No help was needed from the Mariner outfield. But then the offense shut down, deciding that the only way Arroyo is going to get back to where he was last year is for them to give him as few runs to work with as possible. No hits today with runners in scoring position, which is about the usual. But he has to learn sometime. The author refuses to describe the situation which led to Bloomquist driving in the winning run.

The author has overlooked the potential conflict that lies between Reds starter Bronson Arroyo and Mariners "right fielder" Ben Broussard, as they are both exceptionally talented guitar playing baseball players. Today, Broussard emerged victorious, ripping one into the gap in the 6th to tie the game. With everyday life and relationships as his inspiration, maybe today will work its way into his music. Next time, perhaps a Ralph Macchio/Steve Vai-like guitar duel would be a more appropriate form of dispute resolution. The author can't understand what he would have against the Reds. Getting traded for Russell Branyon has done wonderful things to other guys in the league. Just ask Devil Rays minor leaguers Evan Meek and Dale Thayer. Changed their lives. Maybe you should think about that next time you make one of those diving catches to rob Phillips in the gap. It's just business. Anyway, Philadelphia tomorrow, don't forget to bring your battery-proof hats. Those fans are volatile.

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